Rad Church

An attempt to convey several distinct aspects of church.

Obviously the church building is the focal point, with the word “rad” screaming for your attention. The Christian Church is truly radical in the truest sense of the word. The Word of God, which is proclaimed at church, is as radical a proclamation as you can get.

There’s more to it than just that. The shape of the church is defined by hard lines (as is the word “rad”). Everything outside the Church is fluid, busy, chaotic even. In a tumultuous world the Church stands firm – unwavering and unimpeded by outside forces.

The wispiness of everything outside of the church signifies the prince of the power of the air’s influence. Amidst the blend of royal colors are shapes that call to mind design, plans, purposefulness. The enemy is crafty and orchestrates his chaos; his lines appear to be hard and straight, for he is the distorter of what God created to be good.

The definite vertical stream above the Church alludes to what happens at church, namely prayer and praise, The lines are not as clearly visible as the Church’s because they represent the worship of sainted sinners.

Extending horizontally are multiple tread like arrows demonstrating the mission of the Church as it goes forth into the world as Christians bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their neighbors through their various vocations. The blood tone of the arrows speaks to just what the Gospel is about, the bloody death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Lastly, the Church is bright white for it has been made holy in the blood of Christ. It is a light to the world, a beacon in a sea of darkness, hence the vast field of black surrounding the oh so rad Church!

© 2013 Tyrel Bramwell


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