Yellowstone Lake

I’m the type of guy who sees everything through a theological lens. When I took this picture I was merely trying to capture an aspect of Yellowstone’s unique landscape. Later, when I looked at the picture again I saw the tree of Christ, a raw tree of anguish and death giving life to the green vegetation around it – all those who cling to it for salvation. I saw the blood of my Savior flowing from the tree across the barren wasteland of this world to the body of water below. That is, I saw the river of life that pours from my God’s side washing me clean in the waters of baptism and sustaining me through His (body and) blood in communion.

The creator does indeed speak through His creation! Having been given God’s true and faithful Word that reveals who He is, may we always be blessed with eyes to see and ears to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ! (Matt.13:16) Even on the boardwalks of Yellowstone Lake.

© 2013 Tyrel Bramwell


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