Schleiermacher and Gamers

What follows is admittedly too obscurely academic (and geeky) to be of any real value, theological or otherwise. While reading about Friedrich Schleiermacher’s abysmal (is that too strong of an adjective?) view of Baptism, I had a thought, a thought that consumed me into the wee hours of the morning. That alone compels me to share my geekdom…

Schleiermacher’s view of Baptism can be likened to having an Xbox Live account. Belonging to the fellowship of believers – being a gamer and having an online membership – is what gives particular benefits. It’s not Baptism that’s awesome. Nope. Baptism is nothing more than the doorway to Club Awesome where the real awesomeness can be found. Baptism simply is the sign-in process giving a gamer access to the interconnectivity of the gaming community. If faith is present before Baptism, that is, if you already have a Silver account on Live – well hidey ho! – then the baptized person gains access to a greater enjoyment of salvation within the congregation. Or, in other words, the gamer’s Silver account is upgraded to Gold where he can now play online with/against other gamers… which, of course, is way cooler than just being able to watch videos and stuff.


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