The Hills Are For Me

The well known Christian martyr of WWII, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, once said,

“In my reverie I live a great deal in nature, specifically in the woodland glades… I lie then on my back in the grass, watch the clouds move in the breeze, and listen to the rustle of the forest. It is remarkable how strong impressions of childhood like this affect the whole man so that it is impossible, and seems to be contradictory to my nature, that we could have had a house in the high mountains or near the sea! The hills are for me, the hills which belong to me and has formed me.”

He spoke of the hills of central Germany, but the sentiment is true for many Christians who long to experience God’s creation, not to worship it, but to cherish the beauty of what our Lord crafted and the stunning brilliance of that which He preserves. Be it the Harz mountains, the Thuringian forest, or Tennessee’s Great Smoky mountains (pictured here) nature is an amazing thing. Praise be to God that His craftsmanship was not left to permanently suffer the consequence of mankind’s fall into sin. In the redemption that is ours through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the world that we live in is also made anew, though like us it remains in the now-but-not-yet.

© 2013 Tyrel Bramwell


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