American Gallery

I took two photos at the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Museum of Art. I was on a tour with a gaggle of second graders. My wife mentioned after we were home, as I was giving this image the Norman Rockwell treatment, that photographing the art was not allowed. Now, common sense says this is probably true. HOWEVER, the docent who was in the same room with me the entire time, the very lady who occasionally reminded the kids that they weren’t allowed to touch the art, never acknowledged this supposed rule. I wasn’t sneaky. I used my camera openly and she never pointed out my supposed violation of the rules.

To ease my conscience let me take this time to urge all of you to go to the above mentioned museum and take in this c. 1850s rosewood sofa crafted by an unknown artist. While you’re staring at the couch don’t forget to gaze upon the abundance of paintings that hang above it, they’re right in front of you after all.

There, I feel better. Now I’m off to pick up a copy of the Saturday Evening Post. Tschüss.

© 2013 Tyrel Bramwell


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