Six Shooter Court

From time to time I can’t help but get lost in the imagination of Louis L’Amour. Lines like, “There’s no court here but a six-shooter court and I’m presiding” come to mind. I think of the Sacketts and especially the Mora Gunfighter and wallow in the amazingly simple imagery found in a book like The Daybreakers:

“My hand jerked and I realized the trick too late and those gunmen down the bar, who had evidently seen it done before, shot me full of holes.

“My hand jerked and the guns were hammering. A slug hit me and turned me away from the bar, and two more bullets grooved the edge of the bar where I’d been standing.

“Another slug hit me and I started to fall but my gun was out and I rolled over on the floor with bullets kicking splinters at my eyes…”

Photograph © 2014 Tyrel Bramwell


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