Inspired To Scribble

You know an author has stepped into your mind, pulled up a chair, and poured himself a snifter of your single-malt scotch when, as you’re ruminating over his words, you have the impulse to rapidly scribble the image he placed in your imagination for fear of losing the mental image. Even if you’ve never actually put pen to paper in this manner, I’m sure you are familiar with the experience. It’s the kind of event that makes you want to invite your guest to stay a little longer, the impetus that drives you to ask, “Sir, can I pour you another drink?”

The line that stirred me to sketch a rhinoceros…

“It is one thing to describe an interview with a gorgon or a griffin, a creature who does not exist. It is another thing to discover that the rhinoceros does exist and then take pleasure in the fact that he looks as if he didn’t.”

— G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

© 2014 Tyrel Bramwell


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