Distraction And Observation

I was pacing back and forth on a plaza outside of the children’s cardiac care wing of the hospital, waiting for the doctor to come tell my family that my daughter’s surgery was finished and that she was just fine (which eventually did happen), when I noticed the subject of this photograph.

One of the greatest aspects of photography, in my opinion, is that it allows the photographer to share the way he sees the world. All one has to do is pay attention to his environment and a whole host of interesting images present themselves. Observational photography, in this moment provided me with a distraction from the anxiety that was consuming me, but it did something else too. It captured the moment and the memories that correlate to the time when the photo was snapped. Every time I look at this picture I think of those hours of unease I felt at the hospital. What’s more is that as a Christian who in times of distress, indeed in all times, trusts in the promise of God’s grace, I theologize the content and think about the security — the assurance — of being baptized into the Rock of my salvation, Jesus Christ. I see the bright Light of the Living Water reflecting in the midst of this dark world, a foundation of truth that is orderly and structured — built — on Christ’s washing away of sins that turns hearts of stone into fleshy organs of faith causing believers to live anew. I see that my daughter, who was baptized into her Savior’s life, was never in danger because she is always the recipient of her heavenly Father’s steadfast love and mercy.

That’s what observational photography is for me. It’s a way to preserve and share the world as I see it. It’s a lens into my worldview, a visual commentary on life captured for posterity, a distraction that stimulates reflection, a way to communicate the truth that is all around us. What’s it to you?

© 2014 Tyrel Bramwell


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