The Mouth-Mind Memory Meld

If you’re looking for a reason to drink a beer, here’s your ticket.

Pick out a craft beer from your region of the world, wherever you find yourself when you’re thirsty. Be liberal with your definition of “region.” If there’s a brewery in your city, go with one of their flavors. However, if the nearest brewery is hundreds a miles away, by all means purchase one of their brews. Hey, don’t let geography get in the way of recalling memories! When you drink your beer you will be creating a mouth-mind memory meld (alliteration makes everything sound more legit!) that will enable you to remember the events surrounding the consumption of your selected refreshment. If you find that you are exceedingly blessed in that you’re in an area with more than one brewery, praise the Lord, and start making more memories that can be melded to your mouth’s flavor sensing buds of taste!

© 2014 Tyrel Bramwell


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