There are Lutheran Storytellers Out There

Co-founder of Grail Quest Books, Josh Radke, posted an article on Facebook earlier this week, which I appreciate greatly. The article, “Lutheran Storytellers: We’re Here…!” encourages Lutherans to support Lutheran storytellers. He presents insights from the publishing industry that may not be in the forefront of the minds of readers and book lovers who know they would appreciate books written from a Lutheran perspective but perhaps have not thought about the full scope of the reader/writer relationship. He says,

If Lutherans want good stories, written by Lutherans, then the Lutheran community has to rise to the challenge to buy the books, leave constructive feedback, post reviews at and Goodreads and on blogs, and use word-of-mouth and social media to help spread the word about our books — so that we can discern what the audience likes/dislikes, so we can continue to hone our skills, get wider coverage, and support our families.

This is huge! A simple review goes along way, both in providing feedback for an author and for informing others who are considering reading a certain book. Please take a minute to read the article (linked above) and learn why and how “Lutheran authors and Lutheran readers work together.”


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