Thankful for an Opportunity to Serve

Back before I was a pastor, before I left home to become a pastor, back when I was dreaming about being a pastor and making plans to pursue the ministry, a student in my junior high Sunday School class asked me a question.

“If you could be anything in the world, other than a pastor, what would you be?”

Without a second thought I answered, “A writer.” After all, I had just begun working on the rough draft of The Gift and the Defender.

My desire to be a pastor and a writer come from the same place: a longing to give a reason for the hope that is in me (1 Peter 3:15), to tell people that there is hope, that there is forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life in Christ crucified, to love as I have been loved (1 John 4:19), to serve others as I’ve been served. I’ve been blessed by the pastors God has placed in my life to shepherd me in the truth, and I’ve been blessed by the books that fed my hunger for wisdom and nourished my growth in the one true faith (and still do).

LW_April2016_cover-1-768x999The Lord saw fit to allow me to serve as a pastor, just as I have been served. I’m thankful for such a blessing. And now the Triune God, being abundant in His blessings, has, through His servants at Grail Quest Books and The Lutheran Witness, allowed me to serve others as I’ve been served by writers. Just as it’s a privilege to work with GQB on the publication of the Lumen Legends series, it was my privilege to write an article for this month’s (April, 2016) issue of The Lutheran Witness. It’s called “Questions, Questions, Questions – about Prayer, Faith, and Depression.”

Thank you LW, and thank you God, for the opportunity to serve in this way.

I’ve been reading LW for years and have always been blessed by the articles. If you’re interested in a solid Christian interpretation of the contemporary world click the link and subscribe.


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