Episode 16 of Trailside Radio, Remembering the PCT

IMG_1388In my first Call as a pastor I had the great pleasure of serving a little mountain church called Our Savior Lutheran, which sits at the half point of the Pacific Crest Trail in Chester, CA. Part of our ministry in Chester was to show the love of Jesus to the PCT hikers, giving them a place to camp, access wifi, charge their devices, and resupply their packs with goods the members donated. It was a great opportunity and as I’ve said in previous posts, I was blessed with being able to meet so many different people from all over the world as they came through our little town. I know that a lot of the hikers blogged their adventure, and some of them had told me that they would be mentioning the church’s kindness in a post. I read a couple of the posts immediately thereafter, but last night the thought came to me to do a little searching in order to collect those memories here at MoraGunfighter, you know, for posterity sake.

So, I give you Episode 16 of Trailside Radio. The hospitality of Our Savior Lutheran Church is mentioned right around the 5 minute mark, as the host, Ratatouille relays his journey leading up to his stay in Chester.

Interested to know more about Trailside Radio? Check out their Facebook page.


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