The Artist’s Law

Selling out is never a good thing, right? But do you know why? Consider your favorite band, how you followed them since before anybody else knew who they were, but now they’re mainstream – they’re sell outs. Right? Wrong. Making it big isn’t selling out. Artists of all types want to get their work in front of more and more people. They create to share, and not just with a handful of people, but with the world, with as many people as will listen, look, read, or watch, etc. If your vocation is in the arts, if you’re a creator, selling out is, as Gene Veith points out in his recent blog post, I Will Make Melody with All My Being,

“being fake, insincere, and inauthentic, imitating someone else for fashion’s sake rather than being true to oneself as an artist.”

As you’ll see when reading his short but insightful post, the Bible speaks to not being a sell-out. It provides the artist’s law. Selling out is breaking that law. Click the above link and check it out.


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