Still Being Schooled by My Mom

tumblr_inline_mmylq9NysN1qz4rgpEvery year on Mother’s Day I think about this picture of my mom, and about her love for my family and me. We were on the beach that day because she flew out to California to be with us when my daughter had to have heart surgery. In fact, both mothers – mine and my wife’s – flew in to do what mom’s do: love. This is a picture of my mom being my mom at a difficult time in my life. I always think about this picture on Mother’s Day and I inevitably end up thinking about the blog post I originally attached it to: School by My Mother. That post makes me chuckle. My mom has schooled me on so much more in life than drinking tea, but on the day I wrote that post, drinking tea was new to me and represented my mom’s continual influence on my life, it proved to me that her work as mom wasn’t over. In the midst of a very serious time in my life I saw the importance of my mom in the small glass of tea that she taught me to drink. And yes, I still drink tea nearly every day, and yes, usually immediately after lunch. 🙂

That hasn’t changed and I suspect it never will – learning from my mother that is. Parents never stop being parents. Today, as I ponder the blessing God has given me in my mother, I’m thinking about a lesson that extends far beyond warm drinks. For some time now my mom has been doing her part to take care of my sick grandmother, and in doing so she has been teaching me how to honor my father and mother (Eph. 6:2) in a stage of life that I have yet to experience. Because of my mom, when I get there I’ll know how to fulfill my vocation as son. Thanks, Mom.

IMG_6666A few months ago I visited my grandmother in the hospital during an emergency. She was life-flighted in to the city where I live. My mom and the rest of my family had yet to arrive when she had to go into surgery. I came to her side equipped with the tools of a pastor, but I also had the pleasure of coming to her side as her grandson equipped with the tools of a child who learned, and is continuing to learn, how to honor my parents.

Again, thanks, Mom. May the man I am today and the man I will be tomorrow always honor you.


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