Liturgical/Sacred Artists

Okay, first of all I’m fully aware that I missed my Tuesday Finding Truth in the Story deadline. I’m sorry. It’s coming. But – and I know you’ll be down with reading what follows instead – I have other delectable delights to deliver to your pupil holes. We’ll get back to fairy land soon enough, I promise.

TGTD Front Cover Image_Newsletter VersionI revealed the cover of my upcoming novel several days ago and it got me thinking about the artist who painted it, and other artists like him. Mr. Riojas does both secular and sacred themed work. They’re all gorgeous! However, the sacred paintings are especially amazing for a particular reason. They serve others in an edifying way. That’s right, there are artists today who create artwork for the sole purpose of communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their neighbors. Yeah! For realsies.

Right now I’m thinking of Edward Riojas, Kelly Schumacher at Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts, and Jonathan Mayer at Scapegoat Studios, but there are others as well. These talented people are using their God given gifts to share the love of Christ with all who look upon their work.

Used with permission from the artist Kelly Schumacher, Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts

Recently I had the chance to briefly speak with Kelly Schumacher about her work and I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am that God has blessed His Church – and indeed the world, which is sorely in need of seeing the breathtaking cruciform beauty birthed by sacred artists – with the beauty breathed out by Kelly and her contemporaries. In America today it would seem that we tend to downplay the value of visual art. It’s all around us, but we dismiss it, or rather, we take it for granted. Such behavior can’t exist in the presence of Ms. Schumacher’s work. There is an awe that captures the viewer. Click the link to her site (above) and tell me I’m wrong.

All three of the artists I mentioned, and others, produce great work. I’d love to hear what you think about liturgical/sacred art. Take a second and think about your church, assuming you go to church. Is the sanctuary adorned with beautiful Christian art? I pray so. If not, well, it’s a good thing you’re reading this post. Now you know there are artists out there ready to fill your church with the visual Gospel. For those who are interested, here are the Facebook pages for each artist: Edward Riojas, Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts, and Scapegoat Studios. Like away, you have my permission.

Liturgical/sacred art doesn’t only belong in the church. It belongs in the home as well. Ad Crucem is a great place to order some pieces for your home.


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