Socializing Socializer… But not a Socialist

People are all over the social media map so I, too, am now a social network globetrotter. Are you on Facebook? Of course you are. Me too. Twitter? Your tweetily tweetness is there too. Youtube? Yep. Instagram? I love to release my shutter and now I’m instantly gram-a-licious. Images don’t stop with that sweetness. Look for me on 500px too! Professionals link in to my LinkedIn. Do you like to read? Oh, how I hope so! You’re going to want to read my book when it comes out. When it does, I’ll be ready with my GoodReads and Amazon author profiles.

All that on top of this here ol’ blog and your ability to follow it via email or by clicking the WordPress button if you’re a WP user, coupled with a monthly newsletter, and, well, I think I’m officially a socializing socializer. But, hey, at least I’m not a socialist! 🙂


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