Where The Gift and The Defender was Written… Mostly

From September’s newsletter

e8b7257b-099d-4302-b7c3-9ae99945f4c6Of all the upcoming Lumen Legends books, The Gift and The Defender is the only one I wrote in Wyoming before I went to college and seminary. It’s also – I pray – the only book I’ll write from the front seat of a Ford F-250 pickup truck.

While the basic story was conceived long before I was a Service Supervisor for Baker Oil Tools, the bulk of the first draft was pounded out in the truck above. Truth be told, not only did I write it in my company truck, I also wrote it on my company computer, a Dell something-or-other. I had a lot of down time out on location and I spent it how any self respecting storyteller would,  lost in the world of my imagination. From that perspective, I guess you could say I was rarely at the well site. Instead, I spent my latter days in the oilfield with Adam Malloy in New York City and on the battlefield with Michaelis and the King’s Defenders.


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