2016, In the Books

I pray you and yours are enjoying the Christmas season. As for me and my house, we most certainly are. We’re extremely blessed, and even though I’m spending more time at the dentist than I would like during a season filled with holiday sweets, and despite the fact that our Christmas tree is already down because we’re in the middle of moving, we’re treasuring the birth of Christ and another year of life in His service. God is indeed always good. Yes, even when you have to get a re-root canal.

This is the time of year where we start reflecting on the last 12 months, right? It’s easy to do when you’ve just said goodbye to a congregation full of people, each of which touched your life in a particular way in the last year. Goodbyes always make me nostalgic.

As I was thinking about the year, boxes towering all around me, my 2017 shaping up to look a lot different than my 2016, the thought of sharing my year in the books seemed like a fun idea. Thanks GoodReads!

Here are the highlights:


Follow me on Good Reads and check out what twenty-six books I read this year.

Now that it’s almost officially in the books, what does your 2016 year of reading look like?


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