Entrances and Exits, GQB’s Preview of Experiences of an Enchanted Sojourner

Click here for Grail Quest Books’s preview of the number one book on my 2016 Can’t Wait to Read list, Experiences of an Enchanted Sojourner, and perhaps you’ll see why. Creatively engaging story and the profundity of God’s Wisdom delivered by Sam Schuldheisz combined with the  brilliance of Kasandra Radke‘s artwork! The Cloven Tree launches me back to the imagination of my youth enabling me to enter the letter written to R like a child (Matthew 18:3).

Grail Quest Books to Publish Lumen Legends!

11738056_10153446185358523_6824508693460170766_nIt’s a great thing when an aspiring author finds a like minded publisher. I don’t know, perhaps it’s so great a thing that when it occurs choirs of angels bust out into late 80s rap, you know, back when rap was innocent and entertaining, when it was all about that base thumping sound being pushed out of an Alpine deck, when The Fat Boys were back and Big Willy was still an up and coming Fresh Prince trying to get jazzy with Jeff. Well, anyway, Friday (July 10), when Grail Quest Books posted this little gem on Facebook, the angelic voices started thumping my speakers.

NEWS RELEASE: Grail Quest Books is thrilled to announce that we have acquired the rights to publish the sci-fantasy series, Lumen Legends, created by Tyrel Bramwell. Our publishing schedule will commence with releasing a GQB edition of his first book in the series, ‘The Gift and the Defender’, published by the author in 2010.

Not only did GQB pick up The Gift and the Defender, but also the entire Lumen Legends series! Put your removable face plate back on the stereo and stay tuned for future updates.

… I don’t know, was the rap analogy too much? It felt like too much. Was it too much?