This is my online home, hub, place of virtual residence. I’m Tyrel Bramwell. The Mora Gunfighter is a literary reference to my name. I adore superhero plot ideas https://essaysleader.com/ideas-for-a-superhero-story//a> If you’ve read Louis L’Amour you might make the connection.

I’m a dabbler, which is a nice way of saying I enjoy playing with various modes of artistic expression. Photography has been my baseline for years now and I’m currently making a concentrated effort to improve my skill level in order to better express myself through the camera (visit my gallery), but I still enjoy toying around with animation, graphic design, mobile digital art, film, and other visual mediums.

I’m a babbler (in the same way St. Paul was) as I preach (visit my sermon archive) and teach God’s Word in my vocation as a pastor, as well as through my love of the written word and creative storytelling (learn about my novel). Homiletical form is my focus these days, for obvious vocational reasons, but I’m still engaged in poetry, songwriting, and my love of the novel.

And I’m a life living trabbler always feeling the itch to hit the open road, explore the world around me, and experience as much of life as possible with those I love.

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