My Book

My debut novel, The Gift and The Defender was released in 2010. It’s available online at most book sellers and, of course, at Amazon. Here’s what a couple people have said about the read:

“What happens when you mix allegory and adventure with fantasy and futuristic drama? Bramwell’s book, The Gift and the Defender. It is both a gift and a defense. It is meant to be unwrapped, read, and enjoyed, like a childhood Christmas present, offering the reader greater delight the further one dives into its pages. And this gift – a narrative glimpse into reality and a biblical worldview woven into a well-crafted story – is also a defense. The Gift and the Defender is an apologetic that is sorely needed, a tonic in a world drunk on the lies of postmodernism. It is a marvelous example of a narrative and imaginative apologetic, a story which points to the greatest story of all time.” – Rev. Sam Schuldheisz

“This is a fun and somewhat unexpected novel from a young author. I can’t wait to see what he does as his skills are honed! For nearly 3/4 book, I thought that he was telling 2 separate stories: one set in contemporary New York, and another set in a vaguely Narnia-esque realm. The stories are linked, but I won’t tell you how or why. Finding out for yourself is part of the fun. I enjoyed walking with T. Emmett Bramwell as he used fiction to explore some of the “BIG QUESTIONS.” This is one of the gifts of the various fiction styles: allowing us to ask questions that we might not ask otherwise.” – Lisa (Goodreads user)