Street Clown | Before and After

Sometimes you gotta dig deep into the vault (you know, that external hard drive with all your thousands of digital images that you forgot you took) to find the image you need for… a photo contest!

Street Clown by Tyrel Bramwell on 500px

Yeah, Street Clown is an image created for Phlearn’s Crazy Colors themed Photo Contest (April 2015).

Since I’ve been making a conscious effort to improve my  skills as a photographer, to take it to the next friggin’ level, as they say (who says, that? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter.) I’ve been focusing a lot on the back end of the process. I know there’s a joke in there somewhere regarding my wife’s back end and my photo, Backpack (check out the Before & After here) but, hey, let’s not go there, alright?) When I saw Phlearn’s contest announcement I was like, “Cool, that AKNacer cat is challenging me. Let’s take a bite out of this Phlearn-dog and see how it tastes.”

So, yeah, I was thinking “colors, colors, crazy flippin’ colors. Hey, I took a picture of a clown that one time. Let’s get all Photoshopping crazy in with that dude.” And now, here you go. Street Clown, for your viewing pleasure. Go ahead, laugh a little. Clowns are funny, and besides, it’s good for your soul. I promise. Laughter and beer. And I’m pretty sure Skittles too. What could be better for your soul than tasting the Crazy Colors of the rainbow? I mean besides Jesus, of course.

Anyway, here’s the before & after.

To take a look at more of my work visit my gallery.


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