The Internet is Puking Rainbows

No doubt you’ve noticed that the internet has been bombarded with rainbows ever since the U.S. Supreme Court’s attempt to redefine marriage. From Facebook profile pics to the banners of web services, such as WordPress and 500PX (two services I use), rainbows abound. The popular misuse of God’s sign of mercy was starting to get under my skin until I read the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod’s blog post, “Speaking of Rainbows.” It reminded me of the truth and inspired me to draw this comic strip, conveying the same timely message in a different format. Give it a click and check it out!

Blessings in Christ.

Episode 7… Finally!

I’m stoked to announce that Episode 7 – Rebel Alliance: The Ongoing Tale of Two Tie Fighters is finally finished. It’s about three times longer than any of the previous episodes and is saturated in Star Warsian goodness. Enjoy!


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Johnny Scribble Episode 1

I won an iPad2 from a local radio station and quickly got to work animating. Johnny Scribble is the fruit of my labor. Animating long hand is a dying art, but I dig it. Enjoy episode 1!

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