The Internet is Puking Rainbows

No doubt you’ve noticed that the internet has been bombarded with rainbows ever since the U.S. Supreme Court’s attempt to redefine marriage. From Facebook profile pics to the banners of web services, such as WordPress and 500PX (two services I use), rainbows abound. The popular misuse of God’s sign of mercy was starting to get under my skin until I read the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod’s blog post, “Speaking of Rainbows.” It reminded me of the truth and inspired me to draw this comic strip, conveying the same timely message in a different format. Give it a click and check it out!

Blessings in Christ.

The Open-Mindedness of Christianity | Sermon

The Open-Mindedness of Christianity (Luke 24:45)

I preached this sermon at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Chester, CA. and First Lutheran Church in Greenville, CA. on May 17, 2015 (The Observation of The Ascension of Our Lord – Three Year Series, B).

What do the words (and actions in the case of Timothy Leary) of Frank Zappa, Hunter S. Thompson, and Immanuel Kant have in common? They were all equally hijacked by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this sermon. Want consciousness expansion, enlightenment, a mind like a properly functioning parachute? It only comes through the Holy Spirit working through God’s Word in and with the Sacraments as He creates faith in your heart.